Lighting is Key!

Sitting in the pitch dark is fine if you are in a movie theater.  Bright lights are fine if you are on the beach soaking in the rays of the sun.  However, event lighting is its own special atmospheric blend of ambiance, pop and purpose and that thing that you don’t even realize has transformed your event space into its own sensory experience.  We take our lighting very seriously at Ajax and that’s why when the design details were coming together, lighting was at the top of the list.  Our track lighting system, on individual switches and dimmers, that also can be manually adjustedhighlight the artwork, the bar, the food station, the performer from any angle in the room. BONUS! How many venues do you know with this capability? Our fabulous lighting professionals will work with you to complete the overall look and feel of your event by adding washes of color and uplighting around the room.

Exposed DC_preview.png