It Takes a Village

One of the questions people often ask us is why we have such a well-curated a vendor team at Ajax.  The answer is simple; because we want our clients and guests to have the best experience possible.  Our teams know all there is to know about making your event, the most successful one it can possibly be while being hosted at Ajax.  They understand the venue, its angles, and curves and all it has to offer and will make sure your event is its own one-of-a-kind unique celebration.  Today we highlight Holly Chapple Flowers and ask a few questions of our own: 

Holly Chapple Flowers has been in business for 25 years. 

My favorite part of the event industry is the constant evolving direction of design and how it continues to become more and more exciting the longer I do it. 

We have had the opportunity to be a part many exciting events during our 25 years in business. I host Chapel Designers workshops all over the country and internationally. It was an epic day when we hosted an event for 70 people in New York City. I love teaching in this country and abroad. This organization also lead us to designing The Knot Dream Wedding in North Carolina, and recently a wedding in Ireland.


Meridian House  Abby Jiu Photography

Meridian House

Abby Jiu Photography

Mayflower Hotel  Lisa Ziesing 

Mayflower Hotel

Lisa Ziesing 

The Knot Dream Wedding  Allan Zepeda Photography

The Knot Dream Wedding

Allan Zepeda Photography