Suzi Molak is events director at the Long View Gallery, where clients capitalize on her dynamic background and long list of successes in the art and events industry. Suzi brings to Long View a unique perspective gained through years of high-profile activity in New York City. Suzi moved to DC in 2007, and began helping individual and corporate clients with unique event ideas and planning. Through these pursuits, it quickly became clear that the DC area was missing something so many of her clients and others desired - a modern venue for exciting, inspired events. Suzi's vision built Long View Gallery to become the leading event space in the DC area, currently hosting over 150 corporate events and 40 social events per year.  Getting a space on the Long View Gallery calendar is quite possibly the only complaint a client may have. 


Branding, marketing and targeted client outreach were the key ingredients Suzi implemented to break the mold of the DC Venue Market when Long View Opened in 2009.  Suzi's attention to detail, impeccable client relations, and knowledge of the DC events market keep new and returning clients raving about all things events at the Long View Gallery.